Photography: Silver Prints and Digital Prints

           While exploring an urban or wilderness setting, I have my camera ready. This tool provides me the immediacy to capture moments and details, to which I later reflect upon my engagement with the environment. Moreover, photography is a vehicle to explore the essence of a subject - while composing a shot I am considerate of narrative: I think about what factors influence it. What is given/taken, the burdens and stresses, the successes and pleasures are endured - I ask the questions and a photograph conveys the answers. This dialogue drives me to awake before the sun, trudge through the backcountry, trespass when necessary, and endure the elements and conditions to understand the richness my subject.   


Coastal Series: Reedsport, Oregon. Digital Prints. 2014.

The Ninth Ward: Hurricane Katrina Aftermath. New Orleans, Louisiana. Silver Prints. 2007.

There and Back Again: Moments from Colorado and Oregon. Digital Prints 2011-2015 

Eugene City Hall, Eugene Oregon. Digital Prints. 2015