My woodworking practice integrates creative design with traditional techniques in making functional and contemporary furniture and products. The variety of tree species salvaged in the Pacific Northwest Region offer a unique pallet of color, grain figure, and other characteristics that are inspiring to compose and create wooden pieces and products. I have also found inspiration from danish modern, and mid-century modern furniture design, as well as art movements and styles including Bauhaus, Constructivism, De Stijl, and Modernism. In furthering my research and practice, I aim to incorporate multiple materials to make furnishings and products - while considering their aesthetic relationships, spacial arrangement, and functionality. 


Headboard: Chinese Elm and Black Walnut, 2015.

Desk: Claro Black Walnut and Chinese Elm, 2016.

Waterfall Night Stand: English Walnut, 2015.

Reverse Bookmatch End Table: Big Leaf Maple, 2015

Spice Rack: Black Walnut, 2016

Coffee Table: Western Elm, 2015

Picture Frames: Variable sizing and species